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It works

Body Slimming Applicators

*  Detoxify tighten, tone, & firm

where applied to the skin

*  Reduce the appearance

of unsightly cellulite &

skin slackening

*  Dramatic, lasting results in

45 minutes!

*  Non-invasive treatments

   no pain, brusing, or surgery






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Girls Time Out!

Sound enticing. You deserve it!


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At Hands on Healing we use top of the line products in our services. We only use products that we find effective. It is these products that we have tried and found effective that we offer for sale to our clients.

Sonoma Lavender

Lavender is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic – proven to help aches, pains, sprains, cramps and spasms. Just heat blanket or booties in the microwave or dryer for a warm, relaxing touch and lavender aroma to sooth the soul while relieving pain and discomfort.







The possibilities are endless, $25.00 a roll






Nature’s Green Sunshine

Chlorophyll is the blood of plant life. It is the life force of plants and contains life giving nutrients that are easily assimilated by the human body. It helps the body in many ways:

  • As a digestive tract detoxifier
  • It supports intestinal health
  • As well as circulatory health
  • It is a blood builder
  • those who are on blood thinners should not drink Chlorophyll daily.

Thera Sauna
Dry Infrared Health Sauna

4 person units shown

Experience the luxury of our saunas with all the bells and whistles.    


Doctors in Europe and Japan have conducted extensive research on the therapeutic uses of infrared treatments have shown Medical Benefits in a variety of illnesses. FAR Infrared waves speed removal of toxins from the body, which are often a major contributor to various health problems.

Numerous toxins are absorbed and stored in our bodies. Toxic gases like Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, and substances like Lead, Mercury, and Chlorine are encapsulated by large water molecules, When toxins are present in the body, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy in impaired, The body’s immune system is inhibited, which makes it difficult for the body to fight disease.

However when 10 microns of FAR Infrared is applied the large water molecules vibrate and break down the ion bond to release the encapsulated gases and toxic materials. FAR Infrared heat has been used in treatment of clogged capillary vessels, this heat expands the capillaries and skin pores to expel toxins from the body.

Clinical studies confirm the following benefits from radiant infrared heat:

Burns calories and controls weight strengthens the cardiovascular system improves the immune system
Relieves pain from arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, sprains, strains, and over worked muscles

The FAR Infrared Thera Sauna can save you money on Doctor Bills, Proscription Drugs, missed days from work due to illness
Don't be fooled by imitations It does make a difference and the difference is in the amount of Microns the unit produces during a session. Thera Sauna's FAR Infrared Units produce 10 microns










          2 person Unit  $3,999.00








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